Relevance Advisors helps clients manage and optimize their paid social media presence across platforms, ensuring that messaging is cohesive, engaging, and impactful.

Introduction to Paid Social

Paid social is using advertisements or sponsored posts to share your marketing message on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

How Paid Social Works

Because social media channels can be quite different from one another, the exact approach you might use to advertise on each platform versus another can vary greatly. Luckily, Relevance Advisors has experience across platforms that we use to ensure great results for our clients.

Social Media Channels

There are constantly new social media apps and websites being introduced, but these are just a few of today’s social media powerhouses, and some of the ways you can use them in your paid social strategy:

  • Facebook

    • Facebook’s audience of over 1 billion users is impossible to ignore. It’s a huge channel with huge opportunities. Facebook Business Manager is the platform’s very own advertising tool that allows businesses to create ads and gather insights. It provides the ability to target precisely the audience you want to reach along with accountability for conversion tracking. Brands can also pay to promote posts within a target user’s news feed. Sponsored posts ensure that your brand message reaches your target audience.

  • Instagram

    • Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, ads on both platforms can be managed through Facebook Business Manager, allowing users to run and analyze ads on both apps simultaneously. Like Facebook, you can also run sponsored posts, which can appear in Stories and the regular Instagram Feed.

  • Linkedin

    • With over half a billion business professionals using LinkedIn, it’s the perfect way to share professional content with interested users. The platform claims to be the top social network for lead generation, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking for viable professional leads.

  • Pinterest

    • With almost 90% of Pinterest users in the U.S. using Pinterest for purchase inspiration, the app is a great platform for advertising products and more visual content. 

  • Snapchat

    • If you have visual content to share, Snapchat Ads offers a myriad of ways to get your content in front of the right audience. You can create and single image ads, story ads, and even ads that use augmented reality.

  • TikTok

    • Even though it’s relatively new when compared to other social media app veterans, TikTok has already made quite an impact. With users in over 20 regions, it’s hugely popular with Generation Z. If you have creative video content and want to connect with a younger audience, this may be the best platform for you. You can create ads that appear in the native feed, or use brand takeover to engage viewers right when they open the app.

  • Twitter

    • As the self-proclaimed “#1 platform for discovery,” Twitter has some unique advertising options on its platform. In addition to promoted ads, which are essentially sponsored Tweets, there are also Follower Ads, which can suggest your business account to people to follow, or Trend Takeovers, which allow you to feature your brand as a trending topic.

Our paid social experts work with you to determine the best advertising channels for your business, and then help you optimize your strategy so that you get the best results.

Why Paid Social?

Creative Flexibility

With so many different ways of advertising on different platforms, you can deliver an advertisement in a million different ways, allowing you a lot of flexibility to be creative in the way that you share your message.

Detailed Targeting

Social media advertising is a way to reach especially-niche audiences. Depending on the platform, you can target people based on their activity, the pages and products they interact with, and their self-proclaimed interests.

What We Do

Relevance Advisors provides a variety of paid social services, including:

  • Facebook Advertising

    • We help you post and review Facebook advertisements, conduct A/B tests, and more.

  • Twitter Advertising

    • Relevance Advisors helps you create and monitor Twitter ads that have the potential to reach thousands of Twitter users.

  • Instagram Advertising

    • Relevance Advisors can create, monitor, and analyze Instagram ads in order to optimize engagement and conversions for your business.

  • LinkedIn Advertising

    • We help you get your message in front of business professionals on the platform.

Feel free to connect with us via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, or schedule a time to meet us in person at our Atlanta office. We can discuss your digital marketing strategy and how our suite of services can help your company grow.

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