Relevance Advisors helps clients manage and optimize Google Merchant Center data feeds, as well as determine the best strategy and the right mix of tactics to implement.

Introduction to Google Shopping

For companies selling a product, Google offers Shopping Ads which feature an image, a title, a price, and a brand name. They can include Seller Ratings and Merchant Promotions like “Free Shipping”, and can also indicate whether items are in stock at a local retail store using Local Inventory Ads.

How Google Shopping Works

Google Shopping ads allow you to promote your inventory by using Google Merchant Center, which is an online dashboard that hosts your product data feed and allows you to manage your product listings. Before you can create shopping ads, you need to set up an account. Then, you need to create your feed and connect it to Google Merchant Center.

Once this is complete, a Google Shopping ad campaign can be created. Shopping ads are unique from paid search ads in that they display more visual information, including a product photo and price. They are also different because Google uses the product data to determine where the ads are shown, not keywords.

Where Google Shopping Ads Appear

Shopping ads can appear in multiple places, such as:

  • Google Search 

  • Google Images

  • Google Shopping

  • Google Search Partner Websites

  • Google Display Network

Why Google Shopping?

Better Leads

Because so much information about your product is visible in the ad, customers have a good understanding of what you’re selling before they even click, meaning you get better qualified leads.

Huge Opportunity

Google Shopping accounts for almost 90% of all non-brand Google Search Ad clicks for retailers. It’s highly effective and more profitable than other forms of advertising.

What We Do

Relevance Advisors provides a variety of Google Shopping services, including:

  • Product Feed Optimization

    • Relevance Advisors helps you craft high-quality product listings so that you stand out from the rest of the competition.

  • Automated Bid Strategies

    • We can use automated bidding to optimize bids based on Google’s advanced machine learning.  

  • Merchant Promotions

    • Relevance Advisors can help you show your offerings using both shopping ads and the Shopping tab on Google

  • Competitor Price Monitoring

    • We monitor competitors and assess their pricing strategies

We can help you with Google Shopping locally in Atlanta, or we are happy to set up a video meeting at your convenience.  Google Shopping is just one part of your digital marketing strategy. Learn more about our other services.

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