YouTube Partners with Shopify

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Molly Niemczyk

Users are now able to purchase products directly from a brand’s YouTube channel through a new partnership with Shopify. Relevance Advisors is Google Partner and a Shopify Partner, so we can help if you need guidance. Here’s what you need to know about the partnership, which began last month. 


How It Works

With this new partnership between YouTube and Shopify, merchants are now able to display their products on their channel, as well as access a variety of new shopping features. There are three main ways that merchants can sell their products on YouTube: live streams, video uploads, and a new store tab.



Regular video uploads on YouTube now allow channels to add a list of products to a “product shelf” below on-demand videos. If your video features a number of your brand’s products, you can curate the list to show the items in the video, making it easy for interested users to click and make a purchase.


Live Streams

During a stream, merchants are able to pin products in real time. If a viewer is interested in the product, they simply click to commence a checkout process. This is an excellent option for makeup brands, clothing stores, and other merchants that use live streams to showcase their wares. And, with picture-in-picture playback, users who decide to make a purchase during your stream are still able to watch while they checkout.


Store Tab

The store tab is perhaps the most significant new feature that has come to YouTube. Merchants are now able to add a tab to their YouTube channel, which features all of their products in one easy-to-navigate location. This is an excellent way for users who enjoy your brand to browse a wider selection beyond what they may see in your videos.


Sync Products Across Channels

Shopify acts as your retail operating system, meaning that any details about your products that are updated on one channel are automatically updated on YouTube as well. In other words, if you modify a product name, lower a price, or run out of an item, this is immediately reflected on your channel. This is a huge time saver for merchants who are constantly making tweaks to existing products or adding and removing items in their stores.


Are You Eligible? 

In order to be eligible for certain YouTube shopping features, your channel must meet certain requirements.

Your channel must have over 1,000 subscribers, be approved for monetization, and be based in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available. It cannot be a channel with an audience set as “Made for Kids,” and videos must meet the expectations of YouTube’s policies and guidelines. If you meet these requirements, you can connect your store and gain access to the new Shopping features! (For a full list of the rules for eligibility, read here.)



Want to get started with YouTube Shopping? Upload your Shopify store to YouTube by following these instructions. Want some help developing, implementing, or managing your digital media and ecommerce strategy? Reach out to Relevance Advisors today. Our team of experts has what it takes to help your business succeed.

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