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Molly Niemczyk

An Introduction to Unbounce

Unbounce is a drag-and-drop, pre-optimized landing page builder that emphasizes higher conversion rates, including leads, sales, or signups. Using AI insights, the company helps over 15,000 brands create and manage smarter landing pages - no coding or hassle required. The secret to their success is something they call Conversion intelligence.


What is Conversion Intelligence?

The company takes a unique stance on campaign optimization: building a campaign and then trying to optimize and learn from the results is a cumbersome process that simply doesn’t work well for many small businesses. Instead, the company uses machine learning and AI insights to predict visitor behavior ahead of time, so that their customers can launch relevant campaigns from the start.

Unbounce’s model divides “intelligence” into three categories. Marketing intelligence, according to Unbounce, is past experiences and creativity, those personal touches that come from years of marketing experience. Then, there’s artificial intelligence, which deals with things like machine-powered learning and automation. Unbounce’s model focuses on leveraging the blend of the two, which it refers to as Conversion Intelligence, in order to maximize ROI. 


How it Works

First, users create their landing pages using the Smart Builder, which allows brands to assemble campaigns based on their industry and specific conversion goals. It pulls from over 1.5 billion conversions to help users predict the proper section components for their page, and uses responsive templates that look just as good on mobile as they do on desktop.

Smart Copy allows brands to auto-expand ideas and messaging. Users can provide some basic information about their business that gives Unbounce an idea about the style and tone of the brand. Then, companies can simply write down some relevant information, and the Content Expander will do the copywriting on their behalf. It can even repurpose old content; simply plug in the old material, and Smart Copy will refresh it.

Finally, rinse and repeat! Users can create multiple landing pages and turn on Smart Traffic, which will send visitors to the landing page that is most likely to lead to a conversion. According to Unbounce, this method has led to a 30% conversion lift compared to a standard A/B test for customers.


Why it Matters

Unbounce is made to save effort, time, and money, three things that probably matter to any small business looking to succeed. This tool takes a lot of the guesswork out of optimization by leveraging a huge amount of data that many businesses ordinarily would not have access to. In doing so, it gives brands an advantage over competitors and makes them more likely to earn conversions sooner.

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