The Blueprint for Successful SEO Audits

Written by: 
Molly Niemczyk

In today’s blog, we’re unraveling the mysteries of the SEO Audit. Our agency is well-equipped to help businesses across industries optimize their online presence. Join us as we reveal the strategies essential to auditing websites and enhancing their visibility online, and what you can expect to learn by employing our agency’s services.


Current Organic Rankings

An Organic Ranking is essentially where your website ranks in search results, paid results excluded. This ranking is determined by page relevancy, content quality, and more.

Relevance Advisors analyzes your “branded” rankings (where you rank when someone searches for your business name), as well as “non-branded” rankings (where you rank when someone searches for your products or services). We also look at some of your top competitors to see how they rank for your desired keywords.

All of this information is crucial to understanding what your customers are searching for, and where there is an opportunity to create content around a specific keyword that you would like to rank for.


On Page Optimization

Perhaps the most obvious – and most intimidating – aspect of SEO is On Page SEO, which focuses on optimizing the pages of your website. But if your site has hundreds of pages, the task of updating them all can feel incredibly daunting. That’s why a good audit will help you prioritize the most important pages to focus on first, while also providing the full list of corrections and optimizations you can make when you have the time.

Here are some of the page elements that a Relevance Advisors SEO audit will analyze for length, readability, and more:

-   Title Tags

-   Meta Descriptions

-   Images

-   ALT Text


Site Architecture

How are your website’s pages interlinked? In other words, how do you get from one page to another? That is the fundamental question that a Site Architecture audit seeks to answer and provide recommendations for.

Typically, it’s ideal for all the pages on a website to be accessible in under three clicks.

Relevance Advisors will analyze your website’s page structure and create a crawl map of how search engines view your website. This helps you easily visualize which pages are easy to navigate to, and which ones are not.  

It’s also important to look at URL Structure, which may influence whether a user clicks on a particular result. Our audits provide a list of best practices, and a spreadsheet of any URLs that could be better constructed.


Error Handling

When a search engine or user makes a “request” to a web server, a status code is returned. Ideally, that status code will be 2xx (ex. 200), indicating the request was successful. But sometimes, things don’t go as planned.

No one wants a page on their website to lead to an error page. That’s why Relevance Advisors provides a list of URLs that are leading to errors, along with the error code and a description of what they mean in layman’s terms.


Site Speed & Performance

Have you ever clicked on a webpage, only to leave because it was taking too long to load? Page load time is incredibly important to the success of your site. Load speed has a direct impact on user experience, which can influence search rankings.

Relevance Advisors conducts page speed tests for both desktop and mobile versions of your website. We also provide a list of opportunities to increase load speed and performance.


Backlink Profile

Backlinks are links to your site on other websites, and are a good way to increase the legitimacy of your website. While they’re not something you have direct control over, they are something you can initiate through collaborations with other businesses or by creating content that high-ranking organizations will want to link to.

Our audit provides the number of referring domains to your website, along with a rating that gives you a sense of the overall quality of the backlinks. We also provide this information about competitors, so you know how you’re doing in relation to your competition.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA4) can help a business analyze their web traffic and understand the actions that users are taking on their website.

Relevance Advisors will analyze your GA4 dashboard and provide essential insights about your web traffic, audience, conversions, and goals.



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