Meet Our Summer 2022 Intern

Written by: 
Olivia Mcberry

My name is Olivia McBerry and I'm currently a rising third-year student at Emory University and attending the Goizueta Business School. I am currently majoring in Finance and Marketing. My interest in digital marketing and working at Relevance Advisors initially came from my interest in learning more about the marketing industry in general and the teamwork and collaborative nature that Relevance Advisors possesses. But as I’ve interacted and interned at Relevance Advisors more, it is obvious that Relevance Advisors has a great relationship with their clients and really wants to elevate and expand their client's customer engagement and retention, which is very appealing to be involved with as a student trying to develop skills for their long-term career. 

Beyond working at Relevance Advisors, my interest in digital marketing comes from the ambiguity and creativity behind search engine optimization and content marketing which are the main focuses of digital marketing that interest me the most. Digital marketing allows me to work on soft skills like teamwork, adaptability, and problem solving that I don't get to really work on in other business concentrations. I also think being a part of the GenZ population has opened my eyes to how digital marketing, specifically on social media, can not only create awareness for a company but engage and target a whole new customer segment that allows companies to move into new markets with their products. 

At Relevance Advisors, I’m hoping to gain experience in working with and engaging with clients as this is something you don’t get a lot of hands-on experience with in business school classes. Additionally, I’m excited about learning how to use and apply Data Studio reports to optimize our clients' Google and Facebook ads, along with other platforms. Consulting and implementing my knowledge about targeting and segmenting customers in our client's ads will be a great way to apply my school knowledge to my internship.

My interests beyond school and education include a love of sports, and I’m on the Women’s Soccer Team at Emory. I also love hiking and running. So far my favorite location that I have ever hiked is in the White Mountains in Vermont. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy the views for the day or especially if you’d like to camp in the mountains for the night.

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