Meet our Spring 2023 Digital Marketing Intern - Audrey Slusher

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Audrey Slusher

My name is Audrey Slusher, and I am a senior at the University of Georgia. I am currently working toward my undergraduate degree in Marketing, and I hope to continue my education by earning a Master’s in Marketing Research from the University of Georgia. I am excited to be joining Relevance Advisors this spring and I cannot wait to apply my marketing background to relevant business scenarios. 


I have always had a certain passion for marketing and its breadth of topics. In particular, I have a strong interest in data analytics, digital marketing, and research, and I believe Relevance Advisors is the perfect agency to stimulate these interests. Knowing that this firm takes pride in client relationships, personal growth, and effective marketing solutions, I’m very eager to kick off my first experience in the corporate world. After beginning to work with the team at Relevance Advisors, it is apparent that everyone at the firm is focused and knowledgeable, and excited to support my growth as a new member.


It is obvious that the future of marketing is digital. On a daily basis, the corporate world becomes more technologically advanced, and marketing is becoming a more digital concept. Now is the time for businesses to really embrace this revolution. It is up to firms like Relevance Advisors to ensure that businesses can keep up with this change in an effective and efficient way. I am excited to take part in this process because I will be able to experience firsthand methods of increasing brand awareness and targeting consumer segments in a highly digital world. 


At Relevance Advisors, I am hoping to learn specifically about digital content creation, B2B relationships, and the science behind search engine optimization. Not only will I have the opportunity to work with such a skilled team of professionals, but I will also be exposed to a wide variety of clients who have many different goals for their businesses. From this, I am hoping to learn how we can use SEO, Google and Facebook Ads, paid search, content marketing, and more to help these companies achieve their goals. 


I am also looking forward to further developing my soft skills and creativity as I work alongside Relevance Advisors. With a deep love for animals, I am very much looking forward to working on my own project with PAWS Atlanta – a nonprofit organization that is committed to providing resources and finding homes for rescued cats and dogs. 


Beyond my love for animals and my passion for marketing, I enjoy spending my free time learning to cook fun meals, spending time outdoors, working out in the gym, and creating art. I also have a love for music and hope that one day I can incorporate this with my skills in marketing to potentially explore the music business industry.

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