Meet Our Fall 2022 Digital Marketing Intern - Carrie Stewart

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Carrie Stewart

My name is Carrie Stewart and I'm a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon. I studied Business and Decision Science with a concentration in Marketing. I am incredibly excited to work at Relevance Advisors because I have always been interested in the marketing industry. I love how marketing combines creativity and analytics. I am excited about Relevance Advisors specifically because of the passion I’ve seen from employees, the focus on personal development, and the emphasis on client retention. After observing work at Relevance Advisors it’s become obvious to me that everyone at the firm is always engaged, focused, and passionate. As a student just stepping into the corporate world, this is a firm I am very excited to be involved in. 

It is obvious that as technology continues to develop, digital marketing and social media will continue to be prominent in the business world. Creating awareness for a company is clearly importan,t but targeting specific customer segments will be key for companies to increase sales and build brand awareness. I am so excited about this internship because I will get the chance to develop not only my quantitative skills in the marketing world, but also I will get to improve my soft skills such as collaboration, creativity, and organization. 

At Relevance Advisors, I’m hoping to build relationships with clients and learn from them. Working with such a variety of business professionals is a unique opportunity, and I want to take advantage of that. Additionally, I’m excited to learn about Google and Facebook ads, paid search, SEO, reporting, website design, and more. I also am incredibly excited to work with non-profits, and even lead my own project with the Florida Holocaust Museum. Giving back is extremely important to me, so being able to do that while developing my marketing skills is very special.

My interests outside of school include sports. I was on the Women’s Volleyball Team at Carnegie Mellon. I also love working out, traveling, and running. So far my favorite location that I have traveled to is Sydney, Australia. In the future I would like to take a trip to Asian countries such as Thailand, Japan, and Bali.

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