Emotive: SMS Built for eCommerce

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Molly Niemczyk

It’s no secret that eCommerce businesses should always be on the lookout for new and engaging ways to reach customers, and Emotive is one tool that can help you meet customers where they are. Today, we’re discussing this mobile messaging platform, which promises to turn SMS “into a top sales channel for your store.”


Explaining Emotive

Emotive allows eCommerce businesses to connect with their customers via SMS, or text, and automate these two-way conversations at scale. Businesses can create “human connections” with consumers that help them drive actions and build customer loyalty.

Many businesses have already seen great results, as evidenced by the list of over 20 case studies from satisfied clients. 

MK Socks, an apparel company, claims to have driven a 65% response rate with Emotive, along with a 28% CTR. 

GoodRanchers, a delivery subscription box service, saw an incredible 99% response rate with Experiences, and 8x the ROI. 

Beardbrand, a men’s grooming company, drove a 10% increase in monthly sales. 

All of these companies have seen success from the same tool despite offering incredibly different goods and services. Emotive’s proven effectiveness across industries makes it a platform worth considering no matter what you’re selling, as long as you’re looking to improve your sales or customer experience.


How It Works

Emotive has signup forms that you can implement on your website, so that visiting customers can easily opt in to an SMS or email subscription. From there, businesses can talk to their customers about promotions, deals, product releases, sales, and other announcements. 

Automated conversations can be created at scale using Emotive’s pre-built Experiences, or two-way conversation flows. What makes Emotive’s SMS automation platform unique is the way it combines human messaging with automation. According to the company, it is designed to evoke a response from customers while minimizing overhead from your marketing team.

Alternatively, businesses can respond to their customers manually using the conversation portal, which easily integrates with other customer service platforms like Zendesk.

To better tailor these conversations to each individual customer, Emotive allows you to segment audiences based on customer actions. Segments can update automatically by pulling data from your platform.


Detailed Analytics & Easy Integration

It’s important to know the impact of your SMS marketing efforts, which is why Emotive provides a comprehensive dashboard that breaks down the results in a way that’s useful and easy to understand. Emotive has plenty of pre-built reports, and businesses can create custom reports as needed. 

The company also has a suite of over 20 integrations with other platforms, from MailChimp to Klaviyo. Emotive makes integration seamless, so companies don’t have to worry about changing the tech they’re already using if they want to use this new tool.



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