Attentive: Sign-Up Forms and SMS Marketing Made Easy

Written by: 
Molly Niemczyk

Attentive is a text message marketing solution that is “changing the way businesses and people connect.” Over 8,000 brands use Attentive to create and promote their sign-up forms and share automated messages with subscribers. But how does it work, and why are so many companies using Attentive to meet their marketing goals? Today, we’re looking at some of Attentive’s many features, and the potential value this solution could bring to your business.


How Does Attentive Work?

With Attentive, businesses can launch sign-up units with ease, accelerating their subscriber growth across both SMS (text messages) and email.

It works like this: You can use pre-built templates, which are already optimized for any device, to create sign-ups for your subscriber list, and then customize them with your own brand assets and theme. These sign-up units can be used to acquire opt-ins across your website, social media, and email. Any accessibility issues can easily be identified and corrected with their built-in compliance tools.

You can then use display rules to establish when you would like your sign-up units to appear. Perhaps you would like to trigger the sign-up as soon as a user enters your site. Or maybe you’d rather the sign-up appear on a specific page, or 5 minutes into a customer’s browsing experience. Display rules make any of these examples possible, allowing you to edit where these units appear with ease. Once your sign-up is live, users can opt in to be subscribers, and you can analyze your performance by source, track trends, and use A/B design elements to optimize performance over time.

Of course, engagement doesn’t end with a sign-up form. With Attentive’s SMS marketing tool, you can create automated massages that are tailored to each individual subscriber. Audiences can be segmented based on their past engagement with your brand, and you can customize your messaging to fit those specific consumers. For example, you can trigger journeys based on common behaviors like cart abandonment or returning users who have not yet made a purchase.

Finally, Attentive’s SMS tool allows you to streamline mobile checkout with Text-to-Buy, making mobile purchases easy for consumers. This feature allows you to convert customers, encourage reorders or replenishable products, and prompt customers to complete the checkout process. With post-purchase messages, you can also drive repeat sales.


Why Use Attentive?

Attentive reports that their marketing solution drives 19% of total online revenue for leading brands, and they’re continuing to grow. It’s is a powerful tool for ecommerce businesses looking to develop a better relationship with their customers and drive sales. If you’re an ecommerce brand with these goal in mind, Attentive might just be the solution you’re looking for.



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