You Need These Things on Your Product Page

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Molly Niemczyk

The content and layout of a product page are some of the most important aspects of an effective e-commerce site. As an online retailer, your main goal is to maximize your conversions, and an optimized product page can make all the difference. Still, the benefits go beyond just sales; proper pages can increase brand awareness, encourage reviews, lower product returns, and boost your website’s SEO rankings in search results. In other words, product pages are a vital part of your online business for more reasons than you might think, and there are a million and one ways to go about making a product page that’s going to get you the results you’re after.

Given all this, it can be difficult to know what makes a page more effective than another, or what’s going to work for your business specifically, or which factors you should even consider. Luckily, we’re here to make things a little bit easier.

Today, we’re providing you with some general tips on how to optimize your product pages. We understand every industry and every website is different, but in general, these rules-of-thumb are a great place to start.

Good Product Photos

If your product photo is a dimly-lit, blurry image of the product in a color that isn’t available on the website, customers will be skeptical of the product’s quality, at best. At worst, they may question the site’s legitimacy and decide against making any purchase at all. It’s crucial that you have at least one well-lit, high-quality photo of the product you’re selling that matches the description. It should be clear enough that consumers can make out specific details.

Ideally, you’ll have multiple photos from every angle, or even a video that shows how the product functions. And, if your product comes in multiple colors or fits, you should provide visuals for each variation. Good product photos increase buyers’ confidence in you as a seller, and in the product as well.

Convincing Copy

Images of the product aren’t enough to make a sale. Customers need to know specific details about the product before they’re willing to add it to their cart. Enter the product description. Your description should go over everything from color to material to function to features. There’s a lot to cover, but remember, while it’s important to be detailed and informative, most people don't want to read paragraphs of text about a product. Keep it concise, and only highlight what’s necessary. Use a couple of sentences to describe the product, then provide details in bullet points underneath.

A Clear Call-to-Action

If a customer is interested in your product, the last thing you want to do is make the process of purchasing that product a confusing or difficult endeavor. Any calls-to-action, such as the “Add to Cart” button, should be consistent, distinct, and easy to find. If consumers have to hunt for the button that will allow them to make a purchase or add their cart, they may give up and go to a competitor to get what they need. This isn't ideal, so make sure you’re implementing clear and visible buttons and instructions that will make shopping as easy as possible for your shoppers.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews are often trusted by consumers because they’re from people who actually use the product. After all, customers know that the goal of an e-commerce site is to make a sale, so they rely on reviews from people who have purchased the product in the past to see if they were satisfied. That’s why more product reviews typically lead to more sales. So, make sure your product pages list reviews, and make them easy to navigate. Allow customers to filter by good (or bad) reviews, or by whether the review contains an image of the product. This increases your transparency, which will increase buyers’ trust in your online store.

Also, consider quoting some especially flattering testimonials in your product description, and include their name (if you can). Customers will appreciate having outside opinions on a product they’re considering.


A good product page could be the difference between a purchase and an exit from your website. If you need help with your e-commerce site, or want to improve your SEO rankings, reach out to Relevance Advisors today for a consultation. Our team would love to hear from you.


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