The Intern SEO Audit Program

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Molly Niemczyk

Here at Relevance Advisors, one of our core values is to “Pay it Forward''. We want to do our part in ensuring the success of important causes, which is why we have an SEO Audit Program for our interns. By helping nonprofits find their voice and optimize their organic content, they can reach the right people and meet their goals more efficiently and effectively.


Interns at Relevance Advisors are given the opportunity to work with a nonprofit and create a free SEO audit over the course of their internship. In addition to the audit, interns craft an accompanying presentation, which is presented to the nonprofit near the conclusion of the internship.

Often, the intern selects a local nonprofit that they are interested in working with, allowing them to help a cause they are truly passionate about. In the past, our interns have worked with organizations that advocate for a variety of good causes, including animal welfare, childhood education, and health & wellness.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a document that provides a detailed overview of a website, and provides tips and solutions to improve search engine rankings. It is, in other words, an analysis of how well the website is following SEO best practices, and how it can be improved. Before beginning the creation of the document, interns have an introductory meeting with the nonprofit, during which they can ask about the organization’s specific needs. For example, if the nonprofit has an upcoming event that they are promoting on their website, or if they are especially interested in increasing the number of donations coming in, the audit can focus on these aspects of their website when creating the audit.

Once the goals of the organization are clear, our interns use the next few weeks to research and analyze not only the nonprofit’s website, but also how it compares to similar organizations. Using this data, they then create a multi-page document detailing the current status of the nonprofit’s website, any errors or other problems, potential solutions, and how they compare to other, similar nonprofits. A spreadsheet detailing the specific URLs, images, or other callouts mentioned in the document is sent to the nonprofit as well. Here are just some of the many different aspects of SEO that our audit may cover:

  • Organic search rankings
    • Branded keywords
    • Rankings of other organizations
  • On-page optimization
    • Title tags 
    • Image optimization
  • Site architecture
    • URL structure 
    • Error handling
  • Site speed and performance
  • Backlink review

Creating the Audit & Presentation

In order to create the SEO audit, interns must become familiar with a variety of tools and programs, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, web crawlers, and keyword research software. Relevance Advisors provides our interns with the access and guidance necessary to use these tools and create an actionable audit for the nonprofit.

In addition, our interns learn how to best present their findings in a comprehensive presentation, multi-page document, and spreadsheet that are all easy for the nonprofit to understand. Once these are complete, the intern leads a meeting with the organization and presents their findings. Through this process, we hope to provide the intern with real-world experience that they can take with them at the conclusion of their internship. And we hope to provide the nonprofit with advice that they can use to further their mission as an organization.


Our Intern SEO Audit Program is just one of the ways we honor our commitment to paying it forward. Learn more about our core values, and how we’re helping nonprofits succeed. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today!  And if you are currently a college student, you can apply now for our Digital Marketing Internship.

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