My Fall 2021 Digital Marketing Internship

Written by: 
Madeline Patel

As my internship at Relevance Advisors draws to a close, I have been reflecting on what I have learned this semester. The Fall 2021 Digital Marketing internship was my first real experience in the marketing field. Before this internship I knew very little about digital marketing and all of the work that goes into it. I learned a lot through creating ad campaigns and Google ad variations. 

It was very cool to see how these ads impacted the companies we worked with and their conversion rates. I also learned a lot about Google Data Studio and how to interpret the analytics and make them actionable. One aspect I really enjoyed was coming up with ideas on how to help companies improve their conversion rates. It was very interesting to do research on the competitors and come up with fun ideas for their company to implement. 


Software Tools

Throughout my internship, I learned how to use many different types of software tools. First, I learned how to use a website called Mailchimp which allows Relevance Advisors to create newsletters. This tool is very useful for formatting and designing newsletters and emails. Next, I learned how to use an SEO tool called Ahrefs. This allowed me to research keywords and how they ranked along with website traffic and backlinks. 

For my nonprofit SEO audit project I learned to use Sitebulb which is a website auditing tool for SEO consultants and companies. Sitebulb provides useful information regarding websites and how they can improve their search engine ranking. I was able to take this information and make helpful recommendations to my client. 


Nonprofit Project

The biggest project I worked on was an SEO audit for a non-profit organization named Operation HOPE. Through this I learned about the many aspects of search engine optimization and how to help an organization optimize their website for best search results. I really enjoyed how this project helped me understand what SEO is while also helping a non-profit. This internship has really shown me my passion for marketing and made me excited about my future career. Overall, I am so grateful for this experience and loved working with such a great team!



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