Meet Our Summer 2023 Digital Marketing Intern - Allison Carroll

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Allison Carroll

My name is Allison Carroll, and I am a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Georgia. I have almost completed my undergraduate degree in Marketing with an emphasis in Digital Marketing and a minor in Fashion Merchandising. I am excited to spend my summer with Relevance Advisors and am looking forward to expanding my skill set by gaining real world experience in the industry.


I have always maintained an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creativity. By working on the yearbook staff during middle and high school, I was able to tap into my love for graphic design. These artistic elements paired with my fondness for data analytics drove me to digital marketing. I kickstarted my experience at On Trend Creative Studio working as a Social Media Account Manager for various clients. After a year of agency involvement, Relevance Advisors presented a different aspect of marketing that I am ready to dive into.


With search spending consistently on the rise, I am thrilled to work with a company that prioritizes client relations, career growth, and successful solutions. Relevance Advisors is a team of professionals that goes above and beyond in the services they provide. With little knowledge on digital analytics, I am eager to perform research and learn more about the firm’s operations. As technology continues to evolve, now is the time for businesses to invest in their digital marketing to generate revenue and stand out among competitors. Relevance Advisors is the most trusted agency for this job because of their determination to satisfy clients’ needs and dedication to stimulating growth and scalability.


During my internship, my goals are to become more familiar with paid advertising, develop a deeper understanding of how to boost SEO, and seek expertise in analytics reporting. Because my background is in social, I am hoping to master new software and tools to become a well-rounded business woman. In this position, I have the privilege of working with proficient leaders and a diverse client base that requires a range of skills. I will devote my time to discerning their needs and how I can help achieve their business goals. Finally, I am enthusiastic about utilizing my credentials on an independent project with a non-profit organization.


Beyond my passions and goals, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, exploring outside, working out in the gym, and reading. You can always catch me with a Starbucks coffee in hand and listening to music. In conclusion, I am looking forward to seeing how my role at Relevance Advisors impacts me and shapes my future.


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