Meet Our Summer 2021 Intern

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Mia McKee

Hello! My name is Mia McKee and I'm the Summer 2021 Digital Marketing Intern at Relevance Advisors. I am a Washington, D.C. native but have spent the last four years at the University of Alabama. Although I earned my Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology, I have decided to pursue a career in advertising. I was able to take marketing and advertising classes in the past year that led me to this decision and I’m excited for the opportunity to learn more at Relevance this summer!


Interning with Relevance Advisors

Although I am looking forward to all aspects of this internship, I am especially excited for the real-world client experience I will gain from creating an SEO audit for a nonprofit of my choosing. I am interested in digital marketing because it is a precise and cost-effective way to advertise a business. I love how it allows an advertiser to be more in tune with their target audience, get to know their customers more personally, and help create brand loyalty. As someone who wants to work with small businesses and nonprofits, I see the field of digital marketing as essential to my career path.


Graduate Study

I am working with Relevance Advisors remotely this summer and will be pursuing my Master of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations in the fall. I believe this internship will help prepare me for success in my future studies. My graduate course is a two-year program in which I will gain comprehensive knowledge of communication theories and industry trends. I will also learn how to form data-driven insights and recommendations for businesses. Students in this program have the option to declare a concentration in either advertising creative or media strategy to further define their course of study. I’m excited to begin my master’s.


My Hobbies

Outside of the classroom and (remote) office, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I also love to swim, run, and read. In my free time this summer I am training for a half marathon that will take place in the fall. I am passionate about photography; wherever I go, my camera follows. My passion for photography and creative work in general is what originally drew me to advertising. I love the challenge of capturing a feeling, idea, or message. Although advertising is quite different from photography, I believe this challenge is central to both fields.


I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge of the digital marketing landscape this summer and look forward to all that is to come in this internship.

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