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Allison Carroll

Each intern at Relevance Advisors has the wonderful opportunity to work with a non-profit organization to leverage their online presence. As the company’s 2023 summer intern, I am thrilled to collaborate with St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation to ensure their website is easily accessible, well-described, and search engine friendly for all users. This post covers who the foundation is, how we are working to improve their search engine optimization, and the tools we used to identify areas of success and growth in their digital content.


Who is St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation?

St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation, located in Tampa, Florida, is a non-profit organization that motivates the community to engage in philanthropic opportunities that support the exceptional care active in St. Joseph’s Hospitals. The Foundation connects with families, shares patient and donor stories, hosts fundraising events, and coordinates projects that give back to the Tampa Bay community. From golf and fishing tournaments to the annual Heroes Ball, St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation is focused on fueling innovation and medical excellence that generations of patients have put their trust in.

Because of this, we are determined to advance the Foundation’s online presence and organic traffic to facilitate growth and success in their fundraising endeavors. To accomplish this, we are conducting a Search Engine Optimization audit on the organization’s website.


Search Engine Optimization Audit

The primary goal of performing this audit is to help St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation understand their current positioning in the search engine results and offer recommendations to boost their website’s ranking and accessibility. To achieve this, we analyzed their organic keywords, their relative position among competitors, website structure, site speed, and performance across devices.

We utilized tools including Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Sitebulb to generate relevant data. Ahrefs and SEMRush are third party software tools that operate on algorithms that reveal important information regarding the Foundation’s top ranked organic keywords and pages and backlinks. We also analyzed data from Sitebulb to determine high performing title tags and URLs and produce a crawl map of the website. From this evidence, we can recognize where the Foundation is gathering the majority of its non-brand traffic, how they are ranking among competitors, and the areas of improvement for their website.

In conclusion, St. Joseph’s Hospitals Foundation is in an optimal position to provide an excellent user experience in addition to increasing organic traffic. The SEO audit aims to enlighten the Foundation on their current digital presence and recommend clear actions that will help them grow and attain success.

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