An Online Retailer's Beginning Guide to Youtube SEO

Written by: 
Michael Carroll

Why You Should Be Creating Youtube Content:

Creating Youtube content and advertisements is one of the best online marketing decisions that you could make for your brand today.  Youtube has created the second largest search engine and largest video streaming platform in the world, giving your brand the opportunity to showcase yourselves to a wide audience of viewers who would greatly enjoy your products.  Some of the worlds’ biggest retailers today have created very successful Youtube campaigns.  By figuring out what content your customers might want to watch and pairing that with interesting advertisements on other videos, testing what advertisements they might respond well to, you can create a very effective Youtube campaign for your brand.

The days of traditional television are over because millennials prefer to spend time on online streaming platforms.  Make sure that your brand is taking advantage of the broad reach of people that access Youtube.  Here are a few statistics to prove how large of an impact Youtube content can make:

  1. Youtube has over 30 million active users daily.
  2. Every day, there are over 5 billion videos watched.
  3. 300 hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube per minute.

Not to mention, video content can make a significant impact on viewers’ memory of your brand.  This is why more companies are focusing significant efforts on creating appealing content for both ads and video uploads that viewers and potential customers would be interested in.  Here are some more statistics on the marketing potential of video content online today.

  1. 80% of internet traffic comes from video.
  2. People remember 10% of the information of an ad 3 days later, but when they stream a video, they remember 65%.
  3. Videos increase intent to purchase by 67%.

As with Google, the bottom line with search engine optimization on Youtube is making sure to focus your efforts around creating content that viewers searching for certain keywords on Youtube would most want.  Online video content is more popular now than ever-- make sure that your brand keeps up with your customer’s searching, scrolling, and streaming habits by following this beginning guide to Youtube SEO:

Create the right content and do it well

It is important to start off your Youtube content making with a few searches of your own.  When you make a search on Youtube, suggested search terms come up just as they do on Google.  These search terms are the most popular terms that people searched for.  Be sure to research keywords that most relate to your retail brand’s expertise so that you can compete by making the best videos you can.

Just as longer content on Google tends to rank better in the search results, the same goes for Youtube.  Especially for user guides and other advice, users seek out longer videos because longer videos often offer more extensive and perhaps more reliable content. 

Ensure relevance through titles and descriptions

Making sure that your video title and descriptions accurately reflect the content you produce is very important in your potential viewers’ search for the content you are looking for.  Viewers often “judge a book by its cover” and you want to make sure that everything you are showcasing about your video in its title and description is relevant to the keywords you wish to be targeting and also accurately advertises the content which you are providing. 

Viewers can often tell immediately if a video fits what they are looking for, and having many people click out of the video quickly is sure to hurt your chances at ranking high for the keywords of your choice.  Putting a link in the description to your brand’s purchasing platform is sure to increase conversion potential as well.

“Like, Comment, and Subscribe!”

In order to have your content rank better on Youtube, it is important to be sure that viewers are taking the right action steps that will make your rank higher for the appropriate keywords.  Unlike Google, Youtube search rankings are not influenced by the important factor of backlinks.  This means that the rankings rely solely on the user experience.  Youtube chooses to measure this through the number of likes, comments and subscribes on your videos.  The best way to encourage viewers to do these things is by asking them to in the description of your video and verbally in the video itself.  By saying that you have additional content that viewers would be interested in, you will encourage viewers to seek you out for more content and hopefully your products as well.

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