FullStory: Capture the Customer Experience

Written by: 
Molly Niemczyk

FullStory is a platform that combines quantitative and qualitative customer data and displays it in an easy-to-use platform in order to help users improve the digital experience for their customers. Read on to learn more about how FullStory works, what it can do, and how users can take advantage of the tool to improve conversion rates.


What Exactly Does FullStory Do?

FullStory provides its users with access to a comprehensive Digital Experience Intelligence (DXI) platform, which combines data analytics and session details to paint a full picture of how customers are interacting with your website. 

Unlike other platforms, FullStory doesn’t need users to specify what to log in advance; with just a snippet of code, the tool will record every interaction with your website automatically. FullStory “automatically logs every aspect of your users’ interactions, across all visits.” This includes any clicks, pageviews, and scrolls on the site, and those are just the tip of the iceberg.


What Does FullStory Tell Me?

Depending on the interaction recorded, users can learn a lot about how their website is performing. 

For example, FullStory records when a customer refreshes a page. If you see that this is happening frequently, it may be an indication that the page isn’t loading correctly. The tool can also identify when a customer highlights certain content, which can imply particular interest, a need to increase contrast between text and page color, or a desire to copy and paste or perform some other action using that content.

Despite the immense amount of data being collected, FullStory claims that confidential data, such as passwords and credit card information, is always excluded and never logged, so customers don’t have to worry about compromising their privacy as they browse through your site. Additionally, if there are certain domains that you want to prevent for capturing data, you can easily exclude these in the Data Capture and Privacy settings.


What are the Benefits of FullStory?

To put it simply, FullStory helps businesses increase their revenue, optimize performance, and improve customer experience. 

The platform makes it easy to identify issues that may be impacting conversions and revenue generation. Users can see not only how customers are navigating the site, but also the context surrounding their decisions using user session data. 

With this information, users can make the necessary changes to correct the problems that seem to be leading to behaviors like high page refresh rates or bounce rates, which, in turn, should boost customer satisfaction and retention.



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