All About Amazon Verified Partners

Written by: 
Molly Niemczyk

What is a Verified Partner?

A verified partner is simply a company that has successfully set up a Partner Network account and completed the necessary steps of verification. This is different from being a Partner in that there are additional benefits that unverified partners don’t receive. 

Partner companies already get a lot of valuable perks, like the right to use the Amazon Ads logo in marketing materials and access to the Amazon Ads API. Partners gain access to educational resources, webinars, and videos. Many companies also take advantage of Amazon Ads certifications, and users can easily review their status to ensure their certifications are kept up to date. These are resources that Verified Partners also have at their disposal.

Unlike a regular Partner, however, Verified Partners also get status badges on the partner directory that recognize them as verified. There are some other key benefits too, like the ability to apply for Amazon Partner Ads Awards, access to exclusive events and sponsorship programs, and co-marketing opportunities.


How to Become a Verified Partner

Companies, such as marketing agencies and tool providers, can become verified partners of Amazon Ads by registering and completing their Partner Network account setup. In other words, the company must create an account for a business, link the account with at least one advertiser, and link at least one employee to the Partner Network account. Once that’s done, the company must create a partner directory listing, where it can showcase the products it supports through advertising.

After these steps are completed, verified partner status is granted automatically.


Benefits of Working with a Verified Partner

There are many benefits to working with a Verified Partner. Like we mentioned before, Verified Partners have access to a large library of guides, case studies, certifications, and other educational resources to help them make the most of the Amazon Ads Network. Working with a Verified Partner means working with a company that has countless tools and resources at its disposal to help your business succeed. Verified Partners can provide support across a wide range of areas, including retail, analytics, and creative and brand experience.


How to Find a Verified Partner

Remember that Partner Directory we mentioned earlier? All Verified Partners are listed in that directory, which can be filtered by services offered, certifications, pricing model, and more! 

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